Bank transfer or deposit account


In our account of the BANCO DE SABADELL on behalf of Alplamust 2001-KSR, SL. Remember to indicate your name and the order number so you can identify your payment faster and process the order as soon as possible. The account number will be known at the end of your order.


IMPORTANT: Orders received with this payment method are void if you do not receive the account entry on the next 3 working days.


Credit card


Through the Virtual POS managed by BANCO DE SABADELL, one of the safest internet payment gateways currently, which follows the 3DSecure standards of VISA and MASTERCARD, in each operation the authentication of the cardholder is requested to the issuer of the card.




PayPal is a fast and secure way to pay on the Internet. You will not have to enter the details of your card or your bank account to pay. You will only need your email address and password.


Cash refund


You can request the cash on delivery for the vast majority of products that we have in our store. The additional expenses for the cash on delivery will be known before ordering.


There are some products that do not accept the cash on delivery, when you visualize them you will be notified with the following note: IMPORTANT: IN THIS PRODUCT THE FORM OF PAYMENT AGAINST REFUND IS NOT ALLOWED